Personal Injury

Don’t suffer from an accident that wasn’t your fault, call our trusted attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C. to represent your case and help you receive a monetary compensation. Our local firm has been serving Clinton, Illinois residents for over 60 years. Call our firm today to see why we are the #1 personal injury attorneys in the area!

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Qualified Lawyers Providing Trusted Legal Assistance in Clinton, IL

We know that experiencing a personal injury can be distressing to say the least. At Moss & Moss P.C. we believe that you should never suffer due to the negligence of others. Our expert attorneys are here to help you receive proper compensation for your medical expenses and time you spend away from work.

Various personal injuries include car and truck accidents, hit and runs, drunk driving accidents, slip and fall accidents, premise liability, and wrongful deaths. If you were involved in any of these accidents and are suffering from physical injuries and loss of salary, avoid representing your own case. Hiring an attorney takes the stress away of trying to understand a very complex legal system.

Car Accidents

Did you know that in the United States, there are over 6 million car accidents that happen every year? (thewanderingrv) There are roughly just as many claims from individuals who suffer from injuries resulting from these accidents. It’s important that you have an experienced attorney to prove the value of your claim. Our attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C. are here for you every step of the way! Call now for a free consultation.

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents vary from car accidents in that there are usually greater injuries sustained or even death in the event of a collision. This means that a larger amount of compensation may be available for victims or family members to cover medical expenses and emotional trauma following an accident. Make sure that you are financially protected by hiring one of our experienced attorneys to represent your personal injury case and get you a settlement you deserve.

Hit and Run Accidents

Legally, it is required that individuals involved in a car accident remain at the scene of the accident until a police officer arrives. Unfortunately, some instances occur where the wrongful driver leaves the accident intentionally to avoid paying for medical expenses or vehicle damage. If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, don’t hesitate to call our attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C. to fight for your personal injury claim.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Being the victim of a drunk driving accident is a life-changing moment in the very least. Not only do these impaired drivers need to be held accountable for their actions, but they must be responsible for paying any medical fees or damages to your vehicle for their recklessness. At Moss & Moss P.C., we are here to defend your rights as an innocent driver and take the steps that are necessary for you to receive compensation. Call today for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death

It is the fear of every driver on the road – being the victim of a fatal accident due to the fault of another driver. If one of your family members was the victim of an accident that resulted in their death, you may be available to receive compensation on their behalf. While no amount of compensation will ever be enough to bring back your loved ones, a sufficient settlement can help avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with paying for funeral costs. Call our local attorneys today to help with your wrongful death case.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Are you currently suffering injuries from a slip and fall accident in a public place? Was it due to a puddle that wasn’t cautioned or a slick stairwell? Regardless of the cause, you may be eligible to receive compensation due to the negligence of a store or business. Don’t underestimate your injuries, let our skilled attorneys do the work to get you compensation.

Premise Liability

A premise liability claim is when individuals experience an injury or medical condition due to the unsafe conditions of a property owner. Whether you fall off a faulty four-wheeler or slice your arm on a sharp piece of metal, Moss & Moss P.C. attorneys are here to settle your case. Call our firm today!

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