Social Security Disability

Our Social Security Disability attorneys are here to represent clients that are unable to continue working due to a physically restricting medical condition. If you qualify for social security disability, let our experienced attorneys represent you in your claim for benefits.

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Our attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C. understand how difficult it can be to work while suffering from a physically restricting disability. Applying for social security compensation can be intimidating and complicated to follow, that’s why our attorneys are here to walk you through the application process step by step so that you get the benefits you deserve.

Regardless of whether you just acquired this condition, or it has affected you your entire life, we are here to help represent you in your claim for benefits. For decades our law firm has represented clients in Clinton, IL, and the surrounding areas.

What is it?

Social Security Disability Insurance is defined by the Social Security Administration as a program designed for individuals who have suffered a severe injury or disability that leaves them unable to work. Regardless, if the injury is acquired over time or if the individual was born with the condition, they may be eligible to receive benefits from the SSA to help support themselves and their families.

Social Security Supplemental Income is available to both disabled children and adults who have limited resources and income. There are variations on the amount of income an individual receives depending on the following:

The Social Security Administration will go about approving or denying an individual’s claim based on the circumstances of their case. It’s important that you hire a professional attorney to file your claim to ensure it was done accurately, giving you the best chance of receiving benefits.

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Unless you have studied the jargon of the SSA, there will undoubtedly be moments of frustration and confusion as you file your social security disability claim. While it may be difficult for you to understand the benefit of hiring an attorney, doing so to review your claim is what they are trained to do and will ease the stress and difficulty associated with filing your SSA claim.

Providing sufficient medical documentation is essential to avoid an in-court disability hearing. However, if the SSA requires a formal case, our lawyers are here to brief you on the progress of your claim. You will not have to pay any fees unless you win your case and are awarded benefits.


Individuals currently living with a long-term disability generally file for Social Security benefits on their own without consulting an attorney. Unfortunately, most of the time these applications are denied because of a misunderstanding of the directions or because they did not provide sufficient medical information to the SSA.

A study in 2016 showed that over 2,321,583 disabled workers applied for benefits from the SSA, but only 744,268 were approved (SSA). Only 32% of applicants were approved when a majority of original cases technically qualified, they just did not fill out the claim properly. We are here to help. Contact Moss & Moss, P.C. today. Call (217) 935-8341.

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