Workers' Compensation

We’re you recently injured or developed an injury while at work? Moss & Moss P.C. and our experienced attorneys are here to help you receive the workers’ compensation you deserve. Call our firm today to get a free consultation for your unique case!

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Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney in Clinton, IL

If you have been involved in a workplace accident that has left you injured, unable to work, and owing thousands of dollars in medical expenses, our attorneys are here to represent you and help you receive compensation. Often, employers and their insurance company will avoid taking responsibility for your injuries to get out of having to pay a large settlement. At Moss & Moss P.C. we fight for your rights in the workplace and help process challenging claims that, if filled out incorrectly, leave you denied of benefits you rightfully deserve.

We will go over every medical and workplace document pertaining to your case to ensure that you know exactly what’s taking place during your claim. Our attorneys have your best interest in mind, that’s why we don’t get paid until you receive compensation for your workplace injury. If you are currently awaiting compensation for your workplace injury and need an attorney to represent your case, call our respected attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C.

Overuse Syndrome

Overuse Syndrome, otherwise known as RSIs (Repetitive Stress Injuries), include various injuries or conditions that stem from work related motions that develop over time. Some of the most common symptoms that constitute as an RSI are tingling, numbness, cramps, stiffness, loss of strength, coordination, flexibility, or pain in any part of the body. Many workers dealing with RSIs have been diagnosed with everything from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendinitis to nerve entrapment disorders. If you suspect that you are suffering from Overuse Syndrome, contact our firm today to have an attorney represent your case and fight for you to receive proper compensation.

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Back injuries

Common workplace back injuries are caused from strenuous, labor-intensive careers, and over extension of the spine due to intense lifting, pushing, or pulling of heavy objects. Many insurance companies will deny that these activities are caused at work, and often try and strip you of benefits. Avoid being taken advantage of, call our firm today to hire an attorney that will fight for you to receive compensation for your back injuries.

Knee, Shoulder, and Joint Injuries

It’s common for workers in labor demanding jobs such a construction, plumbing, carpentry, and even moving transportation to receive a workplace injury to the knee, shoulder, or joints. These jobs require repetitive motion and often physically demanding tasks that put workers at risk for injuries. If you are currently suffering from a knee, shoulder, or joint injury and have yet to receive compensation from your employer, don’t hesitate to call our office! We’re here to help you on your road to recovery by eliminating the stress of medical bills and time off work. Speak with a professional attorney today!

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Construction Injuries

Construction jobs are some of the most dangerous careers across the planet. Did you know that in the United States, one in five deaths that happen in the workplace occur at construction sites? Even if these injuries do not lead to death, surviving injuries may be just as debilitating. We know that hospital bills for a serious injury accumulate quickly and taking time off work without pay is not an option. That’s why our attorneys at Moss & Moss P.C. are here to fight for your workers’ compensation case to get you the settlement you deserve. Call our firm today for a free consultation!

Traumatic Injuries

There are many workplace injuries that are constituted as traumatic. It could be a severe physical injury to the bones, brain, spinal cord, or nerves, or an emotional or psychological trauma developed from experiencing or witnessing a horrific event like a death or severe injury take place. Many firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, and construction workers can experience a traumatic injury at work. If you’re not receiving compensation or benefits for your traumatic injury or illness, call our office today to speak with a professional attorney.

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Work Injury Scars

Many severe injuries that occur at work can result in permanent scarring. Many times, workers’ compensation benefits cover not only the cost of the injury itself, but the physical scarring that results from the injury. If you have a scar resulting from a work injury and are not receiving benefits from your employer, call our trusted attorneys today to examine your case.

Work-Related Auto Accidents

This subcategory of individuals eligible for workers’ compensation applies to anyone that operates a vehicle as a part of their occupation. Truck drivers, maintenance, plumbing, repair men, or anyone that travels for business can receive compensation if involved in a work-related auto accident. At Moss & Moss P.C. we are here to represent you and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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Occupational Disease

An occupational disease constitutes any chronic disorder caused by work related activities or due to the specific environment of a workplace. Many occupational diseases include bronchitis, asthma, hearing loss, cancer, dermatitis, and more. If you believe that your acquired illness or disease was work related, call our firm today to speak with an attorney and receive the settlement you deserve.